Centrum Veilig Wonen

Increasing cooperation by dialogues

As a result of the gas drilling in Groningen, the safety of its residents is in jeopardy. Centrum Veilig Wonen (CVW) acts as an independent platform to streamline activities and cooperation between all stakeholders to solve the problems for residents. There's tension between public parties, private parties, and inhabitants due to different interests. Current legislation, building regulations, procedures, and protocols prove not to be sufficient to build trust.

Creating mutual understanding

Conducting dialogue sessions between stakeholders to discuss ‘stories and cases to improve stakeholder social consensuses. It provides input to draft the necessary frameworks and protocols. In addition, a Community of Practices (CoP) is set up to stimulate cooperation and dialogue between all stakeholders. A culture of continuous improvement based on mutual trust is installed and stimulated by putting collaboration and development above the result.​

Cooperation and dialogues ​

We facilitated and trained the CVW-organization to conduct stakeholder dialogues. Frameworks and protocols helped operationalize the CVW organization. In the end, the team inspected 11.000+ buildings and improved 2.500+ buildings. The reputation of CVW as a decisive and solution-oriented organization has been much improved.​​​

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Key results

  • 11.000 buildings inspected
  • 2.500 buildings repaired
  • Organization has brought stakeholders closer
  • Trust in organization is improved

“Been Management Consulting knows how to put the right structure in place without losing sight of the people-side.”

Area Manager CVW


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