Biotech company

Top-line growth through account-based marketing​

A leading biotech company needed to understand customer needs and to be able to address these via the right channel in an efficient and superior way on all levels of the adoption ladder. A clear understanding of the uptake after reimbursement was needed to maximize prescription. There was no detailed understanding of customer persona’s and journey’s preventing the company from delivering a customer-centric value proposition and marketing and moving customers and payers up the adoption ladder.​

Been's customer engagement framework

We introduced and implemented our customer engagement framework for increasing uptake, account adoption and top line growth. Our framework consists of: Account adoption ladder: to measure progress and increases speed of sales uptake. Customer insights and journey: unique insights and leverage points of the target audience and tailor communications. Account planning: prioritization of accounts by sales, potential, access & feasibility, and influence level. Account-relevant content: customer-centric solutions, content and communication based on leverage points and insights on the adoption ladder across all channels.​

Double-digit growth

Double digit growth in sales volume. According to a Sales Manager, 60% of growth comes from the new customer-centric approach. Increased focus through a 70% reduction of activities that did not impact or influence the account on the adoption ladder. Account plans for top priority accounts and training of employees in the new account-based way of working.​

Health Transition

Key results

  • Double-digit growth in sales volume
  • 60% growth directly attributed to new approach
  • Focus in sales teams
  • 70% reduction in activities
  • Everybody on board of this new way of working

“Been helped us align our cross functional-account thinking. By introducing their adoption ladder they helped us identify customers’ needs in the different phases of the customer journey and to prioritize our activities. The program has been a great help in reaching cross-functional alignment and a great source of inspiration for the teams.” ​​


Business Unit Manager General Medicine Sweden

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