Biotech company

Transformation into customer-centric organization​

A global biotech company was confronted with strong decline in customer engagement. Analysis showed that marketing & sales building blocks across brands were not sufficiently in place, leading to an ineffective and inefficient customer centric way of working. Customers are more critical and demand tailored (non-promotional) content at the right time, via the right channel. Been was asked to help go beyond the implementation of a marketing automation tool and help transform into more customer centric and agile organization.​

Themes identification and performance framework​

We developed an adoption ladder with clear definitions, criteria and KPI’s to increase transparency in account-product adoption. We conducted persona research via in-depth customer interviews to identify key themes and content for customer adoption. To increase efficiency we designed and implemented a clear campaign process, developed a performance management framework, and installed reporting, governance and terms of reference. Resulting in performance driven focus and a customer centric culture.​

Increased adoption against lower costs​

Fifteen customer persona’s, customer journeys, value propositions, content story maps and end-to-end multi-channel marketing & sales campaigns were developed. The commercial teams were trained and coached in continuous improvement and fact-based decision making. The organization now focuses on customer impact in stead of on activities. Stakeholder adoption was increased by 21%, content creation cost saving as high as 94%.​

Healthcare transition

Key results

  • 21% growth in stakeholder adoption
  • 94% reduction of costs for content creation
  • Adoption of fact-based decision making in marketing & sales

‘"Been Management Consulting helped the Dutch affiliate to transform into a customer-centric organization by helping us focus on impact instead of activities. They have a high-quality standard, are eager to make a difference, and they drive results.” ​​​​

General Manager, the Netherlands

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