Digital transformation with change management

Realising the ambition of Schiphol Digital Twins by developing and implementing products and services in a scrum team within the IT, asset and project management line organisation.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Write the business case for the program and support the approval process.
  • Develop an implementation strategy.
  • Provide concrete insights by giving an overview of the digital changes, the impact for employees and the timeline in which these changes will take place.
  • Ensure that employees understand the digitization solutions.
  • Develop willingness among employees to learn about new technologies and to apply them in daily work.
  • Create a digitally driven organisation that is independently capable of continuously implementing and executing new technological developments.

“Been Management Consulting is able to use a helicopter view to convert our vision into a result-oriented strategy that leads to tangible results.”

Product Owner Schiphol

The situation

  • Schiphol has placed digitization and innovation on top of its strategic agenda.
  • The airport is reaching growth limits and must work smarter.
  • With a so-called Digital Twin (digital copy) of the physical assets of the airport, Schiphol can realise benefits in terms of cooperation with chain partners, plan stability and a reduction in failure costs.
  • The aim is to gradually build up data and information from airport assets in 3D models.
  • Schiphol wants to use those 3D models for construction and renovation projects and for asset management. A complex task because this technology is relatively new to use in their organization model. 

The approach

  • We gather the relevant stakeholders within Schiphol awareness sessions and substantive trainings, in which we explicitly consider mindset and behavior in order to be successful with new technology.
  • We organize walk-in sessions with a core team on a fixed day every week, bringing technology and process knowledge together to be able to learn on-the-job and easily accessible.
  • Together with important external partners, such as airport architects, engineering firms and construction companies, we develop a joint vision.
  • We make formal learning and development agreements with external partners to collaborate better digitally, to stimulate chain cooperation, to work together on change products and to promote a culture in which everyone learns and grows.
  • ‘Mindset and behavior’, ‘organizational structure and teams’ and ‘learning and collaboration’ are essential ingredients in this case
Laurent-Jan van der Westen - Been Management Consulting

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