Partnership with biotech company and a dialysis hospital

Implement dialysis homecare improvements

Improving cost and patient outcomes in dialysis care.

Key results

Together with the client the team of Been Management consulting:

  • Specification and elaboration of the long-term objectives of the hospital
  • Defined and implemented 12 LEAN initiatives
  • Defined a relevant patient related outcome set defined and implemented the measure plan
  • Trained and lincensed 20 health care professionals to LEAN yellow belt level
  • Selected a smaller group of colleagues to be trained to LEAN green belt level in order to structurally redesign processes according to BPR.

“‘By working together in this partnership, major changes have been achieved through small steps. The improvements that were designed with LEAN we were able to reduce the impact of dialysis on patient daily lives”

Director Operations


  • The dialysis hospital and biotech company work together to increase value in dialysis care. When defining the vision and challenges towards 2022, the hospital identified a high urgency to optimise care processes in the 2 hospitals as well as within the homecare process.
  • The biotech company knows Been Management Consulting’s expertise in this field and asks them to support the dialysis provider in the design and execution of a project aimed at improving the care processes through LEAN.
  • The goals of the project are to improve quality of care to patients, improve the work of care professionals and enhance the key strategic ambitions of the organization. This needs to be achieved by improving the effectiveness of primary as well as support processes.
  • The focus should be on improving efficiency and quality in the care centers apart from dialysis at home.

Our approach

  • The project kicked off by a workshop detailing the long-term goals of the hospital and define specific 2019 goals
  • These annual goals are defined as well as the KPIs required to measure the performance related to:
  • Patient performance (patient related outcomes)
  • Team performance
  • Costs
  • A dedicated LEAN approach was designed to fit the purpose of serving 2 hospitals and 2 groups of health care professionals, using the LEAN based DMAIC approach
  • A group of 20 carefully selected professionals are trained in the LEAN approach and methodology
  • The group is coached on the job using the tools and methodology of LEAN, resulting in 12 concrete LEAN initiatives
  • Participants are certified to yellow belt status, initiatives were implemented and measured
  • Been Management Consulting is currently engaged in training a select group of Dianet professionals to green belt status
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