International pharmaceutical company​

Support Change Impact Assessment and Business Readiness

This international pharmaceutical company implements targeted interventions to accelerate commitment to a new operation model and ERP-platform. 

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client deliver:

  • Best Practice tool for Change Impact Assessment (CIA) and Stakeholder analysis.​
  • CIA guideline and developed skills to implement a CIA independently in the future.​
  • Vision statement including desired behaviour.​
  • Facilitation of workshops with all impacted stakeholders for SCM EMEA and awareness of the program and the changes.​
  • CIA repositories and dashboards.​
  • Business Readiness plan.​
  • Community building and communication to align across regions and establish one global way of working.​
  • Facilitation of workshops with all impacted stakeholders for SCM EMEA to create further understanding on what the program means for their daily work.​
  • Coordination for the establishment of process documentation to formalize the new global processes.

“Change management is often underestimated in large transformation projects. Establishing and executing Change Management in a structured way has proven to be a key driver for the success of the overall program. In fact the ​way change management was handled is now being elevated into a standard way of working in other projects as well.”

Global Lead Business Readiness SCM​

The situation

  • The company initiates a global standardisation and harmonisation program.
  • The program leads to a transformation of the entire operating model and ERP-platform to better support the corporate strategic plan. This has impact on business processes, the organisation and systems. 
  • Deviation of the common standard process is only accepted for local Tax, Legal or Statutory Requirements. 
  • Although the program started, not all impacted stakeholders are aware and understand the implications of the program for their daily work. 
  • The company requests support to develop and implement a Change Impact Assessment (CIA) to assess the coming changes and identify their impact, impacted stakeholders and required interventions. 
  • The final delivery of the Change Impact Assessment is an implementation plan. The company requests support to guide the implementation and to achieve Business Readiness within the SCM EMEA organisation. 

The approach

Change Impact Assessment: five sequential steps to conclude with a implementation plan for Business Readiness:​

  • After a kick-off with the team, we formulate the shared vision: when is the program successful? ​
  • We design the Change Impact Assessment toolkit, analyse stakeholders and define the process decomposition.​
  • We implement the CIA in three rounds of workshops to structurally capture changes and their impact, invest responsibility for changes at the right level and create awareness of the change among impacted stakeholders.​
  • We consolidate results in a dashboard and present to different groups within the organisation.​
  • We develop an implementation plan to achieve Business Readiness.

Business Readiness: targeted interventions are identified and implemented to achieve Business Readiness, e.g. training, demonstration, global community building, communication, process documentation, and change champion networks. All to achieve adoption and commitment of the change (measured in a Business Readiness survey).​

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