Biotechnology company

Transforming into a customer centric organisation

The world’s leading independent biotechnology company improves on efficiency and effectiveness for multiple affiliates by adopting customer centricity.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:​​

  • Develop fifteen customer persona’s, customer journeys, value propositions, content story maps and multi-channel marketing & sales end to end campaigns.
  • Train and coach multiple commercial teams and enforce that stakeholders take ownership in the way of working and execution.
  • Stimulate a learning environment of continuous improvement and fact-based decision making. We enable the organisation to manage on outcomes instead of focusing on activities.
  • Enable focus on results, which results in stakeholders moving up in the adoption / buying ladder by 21%.
  • Enable potential operational cost saving on content design and realisation up to 94%.
  • Enable that first prospects are turning into leads and first sales visits are being made.

“Been Management Consulting helped the Dutch affiliate to transform into a more customer centric organisation. The way they introduced results planning (including resourcing) helped to focus on impact instead of on activities. They have a high-quality standard, are eager to make a difference, and drive result”

Brand Vice President Commercial & Innovation, Region Head Japan Asia Pacific (former General Manager Netherlands)

The situation

  • This biotech company is confronted with a decline in customer facing time of their target audience: healthcare professionals.
  • Engagement strategies and the ways to engage with healthcare professionals have become more difficult.
  • Customers are more critical and would like to have tailored (non-promotional) content at the right moment and via the right channel at the right time.
  • The client sets out to improve marketing & sales effectiveness and efficiency by becoming more customer centric.
  • The client’s leadership team is convinced that implementation of a marketing automation tool is not sufficient, and approaches Been Management Consulting to help them to transform into a more customer centric organisation.

The approach

  • Analysis shows that the marketing & sales building blocks and engine across brands are not sufficiently in place, leading to an ineffective and inefficient customer centric way of working.
  • To increase transparency in current state of account and product adoption the team of Been Management Consulting developed an adoption ladder with clear definitions, criteria and KPIs.
  • To increase effectiveness, the team of Been Management Consulting conducts customer persona research via in-depth customer insights interviews, translates insights into key themes and questions across the customer journey / adoption ladder. Based on the research outcome we identify necessary content answering these themes.
  • To increase efficiency, Been Management Consulting designs and implements a clear campaign process including RACI, tools and templates.
  • The team develops a performance management framework, including reporting governance and terms of reference. Thus we enable performance driven focus and culture.
  • To make the transformation into a customer centric organisation happen sustainably, Been Management Consulting guides the organisation via communication, training and on the ground coaching
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