Biotech company

Setting up a multi-year strategic partnership for Value Based Healthcare

World’s leading independent biotechnology company creates a multi-year partnership with a key account. They set out to reshape delivery of healthcare propositions to improve patient's well-being​.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Deliver a multi-year multi-project strategic partnership between the client and their most important account.
  • Deliver the contract for the partnership that is now used as template for all future strategic partnerships.
  • Deliver selection criteria for prioritising projects within partnership.
  • Facilitate installation of program governance, program stakeholder management, program risk management and communications plan to keep all stakeholders aligned.
  • Shape a roadmap for program projects to facilitate project managers in project execution.
  • Deliver the program business case to keep partnership on track.

“Without the expertise of Been Management Consulting, we would not have met desired timelines. Their expertise in content and process has accelerated the establishment of a multi-year strategic partnership with one of our key account hospitals to realise our joint ambition on Value Based Healthcare. Been’s program management framework has led to clear tasks, roles and responsibilities and timely involvement of (informal) stakeholders.”

Access manager and strategic partnership owner

The situation

  • The world’s leading independent biotech company recognizes market dynamics in healthcare delivery and the need for the pharmaceutical industry to shift from being solely a provider of medicine towards contributing in a broader sense to patient well-being.
  • This organisation sets out a vision on their and other stakeholders’ role in the value chain for delivering Value Based Healthcare
  • To help shape the vision, the organisation will set-up long-term (multi-year) partnerships with key accounts. Together they develop shared ambitions towards the future of healthcare delivery.
  • A large hospital in the Netherlands is one of the key accounts in scope. Negotiations are however stalling. Firstly due challenges defining a shared ambition. Secondly capturing this in strategic goals. Thirdly defining projects to contribute to these goals and finally poor stakeholder management.
  • The client approaches Been Management Consulting to facilitate realisation of the strategic partnership.

The approach

  • The Been team facilitates strategy exploration workshops and as a result we develop a joint multi-year strategic goal for the partnership that contributes to a win-win-win situation. Together, they set out to increase patient well-being, optimise the (organisation of) care delivery and explore the future role of the pharmaceutical industry. 
  • The Been Management Consulting team puts in place a solid governance model, in which all stakeholders (formal and informal) are identified. This includes communication plans for timely involvement of stakeholders, project plans to make sure projects are addressing the right challenges and scope –, and reporting structures, which provide transparency on progress and make sure projects are delivered on time in full.
  • The organisation installs project managers who oversee execution of projects belonging to the partnership. They use the programme management framework to steer towards joint results of the partnership.
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