Improving ownership for operational performance

The dispatch team of the ANWB improves its performances by taking ownership of the implemented  Lean way-of-working and structurally executing an improvement plan.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting, Business Impact Training and the client:

  • Implement performance management by introducing ‘Day Starts’ and ‘Start Ups’ to stimulate the focus on daily operational results.
  • Improve the collaboration between departments by working together on improvements, and also by implementing a effective meeting structure.
  • Create ownership in the team for identifying and implementing improvement initiatives.
  • Integrate the improvement cycle into daily business operations.
  • Transform employees into active contributors to improvement initiatives.
  • Facilitate management to steer less on day-to-day affairs, having more time available for strategic business.

“The team of Been Management Consulting and Business Impact Training know particularly well how to strike a balance between business interests and human desire. They continue to keep the project moving and pay close attention to the personal development of employees and managers.”

Vincent Schreijer

Manager Expertise & Logistics ANWB

The situation

  • ANWB Dispatch is part of Dutch roadside assistance’s Logistics (total of 50 employees, Dispatch 37 employees).
  • This department operates 24/7 and is responsible for linking incidents to the available Roadside Assistants.
  • This is done for 85 percent by an algorithm, but in specific cases planners must intervene manually to guarantee safety and lead time.
  • An important KPI for this department is the waiting time of a customer until the Roadside Assistant arrives.
  • The team works as a self-steering team but does not realise their operational objectives.
  • ANWB want to introduce continuous improvement through Lean to ensure ownership for improvement and train the relevant behaviours. This is to ensure that the department will operate more efficiently and to ensure that the employees of the department are motivated to take up the improvement challenge.

Our approach

  • In full collaboration with Business Impact Training, we start a program in which we combine daily operational management and coaching of the department with their training curriculum.
  • We roll out a six month program in which eight employees start with identifying and implementing improvements under the supervision of a Been consultant.
  • First we provide a Lean introduction and kick off for the entire team plus collaborating departments. We play a specially developed Lean game with both specific Lean as well as team work aspects.
  • After that, together with the project team and employees we define improvement initiatives related to processes and performance management (e.g. meeting structure and KPIs).
  • To transfer required knowledge and skills we provide on-the-job training on Lean project and change management.
  • Finally we also coach management on team development and team dynamics, so they sustainably continue and support the new way-of working

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