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Improving collaboration in cross-functional teams

Creating more cohesion and effectiveness within teams by focusing on team development​.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Lay the foundation for optimization of culture, attitude and behaviour by working on communication and trust within the team.
  • Establish connecting structures, so that we increase information saturation in the teams and increase involvement with team development and projects.
  • Coach and guide approximately 25 employees in awareness of attitude and behaviour on the surface of team development and mutual understanding.
  • Motivate and involve employees in determining the growth in team development and create support to work on team development with more employees.
  • Increase coherence and improve the effectiveness of the team.

“Been Management Consulting has the right spirit for team development. They initiate new processes and tune in with our employees. In addition, they consciously create a structure to be able to manage the functionality of the team. Their approach has become an example within our organisation. Together we created clarity about results, expectations and roles in a short period of time.”

Area manager CVW

The situation

  • The organisation changes its management strategy and focuses on project teams.
  • This change entails several risks. Firstly, reduced customer awareness, secondly, reduced sharing of dilemmas and successes, thirdly, reduced attention to overall progress and, fourthly, loss of employee involvement.
  • The organisation is also preparing to reposition itself in the market. It will merge with another executive organisation.
  • The client finds teams of great importance in linking employees and providing lubricating oil in uncertain times. Awareness and support for improving cross-functional cooperation is therefore needed.

The approach

  • We formulate goals and a continuous approach with committed employees. In this way we guarantee and encourage team development within the organisation.
  • We work on the confidence of employees to optimize collaboration by improving and structuring communication.
  • We develop team skills and skills of employees by facilitating, among other things, serious games.
  • In coaching sessions, we work on connecting employees and practically implementing more collaboration.
  • Through micro-actions we create continuity in consciously working on team development.
  • We monitor the development in attitude and behaviour and provide insight into that development with a growth overview. This increases the awareness and motivation to change even more.
Roel Beentjes - Been Management Consulting

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