Process optimisation project to achieve ambitious growth targets.


Vesteda has set ambitious growth targets. As the largest commercial residential investor in the Netherlands they have the ambition to be best-in-class in its business operations, not with the aim of reducing costs but to serve customers better, increase employee satisfaction and better facilitate the intended growth. Been Management Consulting was asked to supervise the process improvement project.


The involvement and intended growth of employees, the combined attention to quick wins on the one hand and structural, long-term improvements on the other hand have been the main starting principles for the approach. By means of a thorough analysis of primary processes, concrete possibilities for improvement were identified.


The potential for improvement is assigned to those responsible in the organisation and later implemented. Vesteda employees are trained in methods and techniques to analyse processes and improve them.

“Been Management Consulting has proven to be a partner who took us by the hand in an inspiring and energetic way. They provided pragmatic methods, and they were also able to adapt the approach to our specific needs. It was important to us to be in the ‘driver’s seat’ more and more often ourselves, so we would have to rely less on external support, and we did a great job doing so. Now, in contrast to the beginning of this process, we are much more competent and able to continuously improve on Vesteda from within.”

Trudy van Twuyver and Astrid Schlüter

HR Manager at Vesteda and Director Property Management

Laurent-Jan van der Westen - Been Management Consulting

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