Been Management Consulting has asked the Blood Bank to help them develop a programme for improvement, with the ambition of helping them become the best Blood Bank in the world, with a perfect balance between safety and satisfaction, for the donor, the patient as well as the employee. The Blood Bank wants to introduce a different way of thinking and working in which the employees have a greater influence on how their work can be done. The customer’s demands will be the focal point, which means that work processes must be streamlined as much as possible, through techniques in operational excellence.


As it is our vision to focus on both the customer and the employee, an approach has been developed to learn and act simultaneously. Employees have been trained as Green Belt (18 project leaders) and Yellow Belt (40 project employees) and together they carried out 8 projects for improvement in accordance with the LEAN methodology. The lessons learned were immediately put to practical use during the training, after which the employees independently picked up on new projects for improvement. In order for all employees of the Blood Bank to speak "the same language", an in-house Yellow Belt training has been developed for all 900.


The LEAN way of thinking and working has been rolled out to the 74 teams within the Blood Bank. Every day, teams reflect briefly on the question "what went better today and what could be better tomorrow". From this, various new projects for improvement were initiated and are carried out independently by Blood Bank employees.

Ralph Lodder - Been Management Consulting

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