Koppert Biological Systems


Decentralization is an important driver in realizing our growth objective.
Therefore, Koppert Biological Systems (KBS) considers decentralizing parts of the operations abroad in order to reach this ambition. Been Management Consulting was approached to prepare all factual trade-offs and to analyze which countries are most suitable for the production or packaging of biological products that Koppert produces.


Been Management Consulting developed an analytical framework to test the impact of decentralization on the production costs and performance of the supply chain. With the PEST approach, we were able to identify and rank the best locations and regions to decentralize in a structured manner. A business case has been developed, where all pros and cons regarding decentralizations for KBS and its affiliates were compared, for every location.


Based on their analysis, KBS can decide whether or not the decentralization will be implemented, and in which countries.

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