Kalene Educational Fund


Been Management Consulting has been asked to help the Kalene Educational Fund - a social impact start-up based in Lusaka (Zambia) – to draw up a plan for the next phase of growth. In this way, the organisation hopes to offer a growing number of young, talented Zambians opportunities for the future, including through student loans.


In a 2-day workshop in Zambia, the main processes of the Kalene Educational Fund were examined, bottlenecks identified, and translated into concrete action points. We also paid attention to soft skill training in the areas of cooperation, providing feedback and customer contact.


The workshop led to 32 identified bottlenecks, which were translated into a concrete plan of action with the corresponding owners. In addition, the workshop gave a boost to team spirit and a feeling of ownership.

“It's wonderful to see how Been Management Consulting has worked with the team. During the workshop a lot of knowledge was shared, we trained, and we learned, which contributed significantly to the team spirit and a more efficient way of working.”

Derek Hoogstra

Member of the Board

Ralph Lodder - Been Management Consulting

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