Hoogheem­raadschap Delfland

To significantly increase the maturity and performance of the financial function of the Delfland Water Board.


Been Management Consulting was asked to design a Development Plan for the employees in Finance of the Delfland Water Board.


A quick stakeholder analysis provided a clear picture of the initial situation. By listening carefully to and actively involving a few key players, a recognisable and sustained approach was later developed. During individual conversations with staff, insight was gained into their qualities. A lot of attention was paid to matching the qualities of employees to their duties in order to find and use the untapped potential.


The Development Plan has served as a basis for the redesign of the financial function. As a result, performance has demonstrably improved and the dialogue with employees about who contributes what has reached a higher level.

“The consultants at Been Management Consulting did not conjure up a 'standard' approach from thin air, but consciously looked at what was required in our situation. They supported us in an effective and pleasant way with the different aspects of the financial function. Think of the processes, but also of the organisational structure and the supporting information systems. The professionals at Been Management Consulting are able to understand the entire playing field and offer support in a pragmatic and useful way. That was definitely valuable for us.”

Mark Brandt

Sector Head of Operations at Hoogheemraadschap Delfland

Iris Bruinink kleur-min

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