To implement the Total Productive Maintenance methodology. In other words: increasing productivity and reducing technical downtime.


Codi Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of wet wipes. The company noticed an unused potential for improvement within operations. Codi would like to increase the productivity and reduce the amount of technical downtime using the Total Productive Maintenance methodology (TPM). With the ultimate goal of increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness % (OEE). Been Management Consulting was asked to implement this way of working together with colleagues in operations.


We have chosen to set up three teams: Targeted Improvement, Training & Education and Maintenance. Because the cooperation between the different departments is one of the core values of TPM, the teams were composed in a multidisciplinary manner. Been’s consultant had various roles; he acted as a coach, applied critical thinking and cooperated in a supportive manner when the situation demanded it. Ultimately, the team leader carried responsibility for the result. As a result, the implementation has proven sustainable.


To kick-start the programme, we started with a strategic implementation of a ‘shift transfer’. This led to early success on one of the production lines where the waste percentage decreased with approximately 30 percent. The programme has been running for almost a year and the teams achieved their ambitions set in their annual plans. Namely: an increase in productivity of 9 percent and a 16 percent decrease in the percentage of waste.

““Been Management Consulting has helped us start and further facilitate our Operational Excellence-programme in an excellent way. The programme ensured that the ownership lay within our own teams, which means that the programme can be continued once the support of Been Management Consulting is discontinued. The consultant’s guidance was very pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable. His strength lay in the fact that he was part of the teams, he was perceived as a Codi colleague. The results are great and we as Codi can continue building on the foundation Been Management Consulting has set for us.””

Jeroen Geelhuysen

Operations Director

Ralph Lodder - Been Management Consulting

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