Consultant Mathieu Blanke

HEAD – Solving complex questions together, that is what I like to do. Whether this is during a continuous improvement project or while making strategic choices, I will use my background in Aerospace Engineering in order to support my vision with a solid analysis.

HEART – As a true team player, I get a lot of energy from spending time with nice people and sunny weather. As soon as the sun is out, I want to go outside, preferably to go to the beach or do some sports. On top of that I have a passion for classic cars, which is something I like to tell you all about.

SDG – For me sustainability starts with SDG12: responsible consumption and production. Responsible consumption prevents waste and lowers the demand for energy and resources. Due to my background in hydrogen racing I also like to stay involved in the developments regarding the implementation of hydrogen projects in the (Dutch) energy transition, which is part of SDG7 about affordable and sustainable energy.