Compass for an uncertain future

Our societal challenges are enormous. We believe that companies are eminent to make a difference. By combining profit and growth with a positive contribution to our society. That requires fundamental change. In thinking and doing. Within your organization and in the system of which your company is part.

That is why our focus is on systemic change. We guide companies in their transformation. And we stimulate change and collaboration in the underlying systems. Focused on lasting impact for our customers.

Systemic change is not easy. It requires intensive cooperation, a different view and courage.

The guts to try new things, realize breakthroughs and walk unfamiliar paths. We see it as an exciting expedition. As the route for future-proof business and a better world.

We have already started. Are you in as well?

Sustainable mission

Been Management Consulting is committed to realising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We do this by helping our customers determine how they can contribute to these goals and embed sustainability in their organization and their business operations.

The SDGs should make the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone by 2030. We have already started. Are you in?


Our commitment to the SDGs

Our mission is to help clients achieve their strategic objectives that fit the challenges of our time and thus contribute to the SDGs. We make that very concrete. Our goal is to make a demonstrable, positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals in all our assignments by 2024.

We do this through our tailor-made approach, shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Always with the head and the heart, because we believe that a business (= head) approach should be accompanied by a human (= heart) approach.

Been Management Consulting is mainly active in the energy transition, the health transition and the mobility transition, each with its own SDGs. You can see 'our' goals in the image.


Cases & inspiration

Be inspired by our cases and articles. How do we support our customers in sustainable transitions? How do they view the SDGs?

Jeroen Janssen OLVG

OLVG’s story

By Marileen Kan | 10 February 2023

Our healthcare system is under pressure. The gastroenterological clinic of Amsterdam’s city hospital OLVG is no exception. There’s simply too much work for too little people. To reduce the workload for its specialized nurses, the hospital’s gastroenterologists want to set up a digital clinic for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases. If there’s more self-service and…

B Corp Been Management Consulting

HURRAY! 1 year B Corp

By Marileen Kan | 29 November 2022

Time flies … one year ago we received our B Corp certification! Becoming part of a global movement of companies that use business as a force for good. Joining 6,000+ companies, including Patagonia, Tony’s Chocolonely, Ben & Jerry’s, The Guardian and many more.  A major milestone in our sustainable mission. Where are we now, one year…


The ups-and-downs of the sustainability movement

By Marileen Kan | 16 August 2022

Last week, an article in renowned newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad caused a stir in the B Corp movement, a community of 5.000+ companies that use business as a force for good. It discussed the increased popularity of the B Corp certification and the danger of ‘greenwashing’. Should multinational companies such as Evian and Nespresso be…

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