Tijmen van Diepen Been Management Consulting

HEAD – Solving complex problems is my motivation, both in my career and beyond. During assignments I quickly recognise patterns in large amounts of data and information. I combine this with the available knowledge and skills of the organisation. For both operational and strategic problems.

HEART – A life long learning is where I get my energy from. Every day, I am intrinsically motivated to understand the world a little better. In addition, I use my energy playing sports such as (beach) volleyball, squash and running.

SDG – SDG 16 (peace justice and strong institutions): As Rutger Bregman said in Davos, ‘Taxes, taxes, taxes’. In order to take the world to a better place, I believe we must first make the world a fairer place. Reduce corruption, stop favouring the biggest polluters and separate fact from fiction. To this end, I believe that strong public services are essential, including an important monitoring function of journalism.