Roderick Oe

HEAD – Working as a consultant since 2011. In the early years mainly within the Operational Excellence domain, but nowadays more within Strategy Execution. This makes me versatile. From strategic governance, to performance improvement and to transformations. I think it’s essential to have a focus on people within every change process. I therefore mainly get my energy from realising sustainable results, together with others (shoulder-to-shoulder). Within Been I am part of two teams: Pharma & Lifesciences and Sustainability & Systemic Change.

HEART– I cannot sit still very well and I am actually always on the move. Sports are an important part of my spare time. Especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and, if the weather’s good, a game of tennis. More about me? Family person, Rotterdam, international travels, not a morning person and Jordans.

SDG – I think we should realise that we are well on the way to making it very difficult for ourselves. Our planet will definitely survive; the question is whether we can still live on it. We have to change the way we treat the planet and each other. In my opinion SDG 13 (climate action) therefore has an absolute priority! Followed by SDG 4 as an investment for the future.