Marieke Siero Squares

HEAD –Connecting people and aligning them towards the same goal, that’s what I’ve been committed to since 2010. I apply this in (international) transformations with a focus on culture and behavior change, leadership and team development. To me it is about peronal attention to realize systemic change in sustainable way.

HEART – A nice conversation with sincere attention for the other makes me happy. This works as a mirror and source of inspiration for me. I enjoy sports (including ice skating, yoga and running). Next to that I have proclaimed myself as an amateur plant caretaker. My living room is full with plants with always new baby-plants on its way!

SDG – SDG 12 (Responsible consumption and production): We all consume so much more than we actual need. I have made it a sport to shop all my clothes second-hand and find real gems. If you focus on scarcity, you will experience abundance!