Leen Z

HEAD – In 1985 I was the founder of the first AI company in the Netherlands as a business economist and accountant, and now I have been active in bleeding edge technology for about 35 years. That’s technology on the edge of what can and can’t be done. In addition, since 1996 I’ve only been working sustainably, first as a member and president of Social Venture Network Europe and later as founder and president of the European B Corp community.

HEART – With a lot of passion, I work on my walnut farm in South-West France. Close to the ground, physical work in the open air. The combination of worldly challenges and small farm problems gives me energy. Energy to write books and to stimulate my children to just be sustainable. Because we don’t have much time left to create a better world.

SDG – The compass for the coming decades are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We must work very hard for that, because it’s really embarrassing how we as human beings treat our planet and each other. If you face the facts, then you cannot help but be ashamed and then work very hard and activistically to bring about improvement. So no bullshit, but hard action now. On all 17 goals.