Iris Bruinink

HEAD –Since 1997 I have experience in supporting people and departments within large and small (international) organisations. In 2020 I started working on Customer Engagement. I find it very interesting to understand what customers want and need. Not only on the basis of data, but also by actually entering into the conversation. Because a customer relationship is a ‘two-way’ interaction, in which emotional triggers are important. My experience in the various organisations where I have worked naturally contributes to this.

HEART – In my spare time I like to be in nature with my race cycle. Furthermore, I enjoy being with my two children and to spend time with family and friends.

SDG – I like to spend my free time in nature. With my racing bike or with my children walking through the forest, along the beach or in the dunes. That is why SDG 15 (life on land) appeals to me the most. Our rainforests, jungles and forests are being mowed down at lightning speed – every year we lose millions of hectares of forest. When you take such a walk through the forest, enjoying all the seasons that the trees and nature show you, it feels like wealth. Wealth you want to pass on for generations, right?