HEAD – What gives me energy working as a Senior Consultant? It consists of several elements. I’m passionate about creating a path where there wasn’t one and to add milestones to a project journey, discovering questions behind the initial question, empowering teams and finally making myself redundant at the right time. I believe goals should be tangible for clients by the use of data, structure project journeys and by using all team members’ quality. By working in short cycles, you can better absorb setbacks or avoid them in time, and you can celebrate success more often. Because of my experience in working in sustainability, change management projects have become my specialty.

HEART – I love working with challenges that are about daring to challenge the status quo, especially when it comes to creating a better future that benefits all of us. From an early age, I have been tackling challenges that were bigger than my everyday worries. Like my time as a volunteer in Borneo. I believe in setting challenging goals and striving for them, but in my view, it’s not about achieving goals perfectly. Instead it’s about continuous improvement. Perseverance and pursuing my passion make my heart beat faster. At the moment it’s kitesurfing in my spare time.

SDGs – Actually I don’t have a favorite. What I admire about the SDGs is that they represent the interests of ecological, social, and economic goals. Moreover, they are all equally important, but if I had to choose, I would go for a triptych of SDG 4 (quality education), 16 (peace and justice), and 17 (partnerships for the goals). From my point of view, without these foundations, we cannot reach the rest of the SDG goals. After all, we can only achieving the SDGs if we all tackle them together.