International pharmaceutical company​

Transform into a global organisation

A Master Data Management (MDM) department transforms into a global organisation – from organisation design to implementation of change projects​.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client deliver:

  • Develop an organisation design and operating model for a global MDM organisation;​
  • Conduct a Change Impact Assessments with stakeholders.​
  • Define change projects and interventions to implement the new organisation.​
  • Create engagement, ownership and involvement within the MDM team to guide them through the transformation.​
  • Establish a basis and set up a framework to roll out a phased change approach across the various geographical regions.​
  • Involve stakeholders in the local organisation directly to guide the changes at the right level.

“With the profound knowledge of Organisational Change Management by the Been Consultants, we have been able to convert random, raw thoughts into a polished and streamlined concept to transform a regional oriented service department into a global service organisation. The Been concept has proven to be very valuable to bring the high level vision and mission down to concrete executional actions clustered as a Global Business Readiness Plan.”

Global SCM MDM lead​

The situation

  • This international pharmaceutical company is undergoing a major change. Local processes are centralized on a global level, with the implementation of a new ERP system as the underlying driver.
  • Until now the focus is on designing and preparing the Supply Chain processes and little to none on the supporting master data processes.
  • The Head of Supply Chain EMEA foresees major risks and problems if the local MDM departments are not included in this global transformation quickly.
  • He asks Been Management Consulting to support with the design of the future global MDM organisation, the execution of a Change Impact Assessment, the creation of a Business Readiness plan and the implementation of the required change initiatives.

Our approach

  • Been Management Consulting starts with a work session to determine the scope of the new department. The discussion about scoping entails three dimensions: processes, systems and type of master data.
  • We organise two workshops to make the conceptual organisation design. The workshops are largely based on the Strategy Map framework.
  • The conceptual organisation design is the basis for a first Change Impact Assessment with direct stakeholders. The outcomes of the discussions with stakeholders are input for further detailing of the organisation design and the required change initiatives.
  • By engaging in discussions with stakeholders, we identify the needs, concerns and wishes of internal customers. We also define an operating model based on these discussions.
  • We compose a Business Readiness Plan. This plan describes all the required change interventions and projects to prepare the future MDM organisation for Business Readiness.
  • We coach the MDM team in the transformation. We organise workshops discuss what the change exactly means for them and what they need to successfully transform.
  • We place all necessary interventions and projects within the team to create support and ownership.

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