Kalene Education Fund

Accelerating the growth strategy

Supporting Kalene with crafting a plan for the funds’ next growth phase, identifying bottlenecks and translating opportunities in an actional plan including focus on knowledge sharing and teambuilding.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Lay the foundation to optimise processes, systems and way of working.
  • Identify the major bottlenecks and provide an actional plan on how to tackle the challenges ahead.
  • Create commitment and ownership among the employees for the different improvement initiatives.
  • Create an action tracker to track the progress of the initiatives.
  • Coach all employees in interpersonal skills and result driven behaviour.

“Great to see how you have worked together with the team. I am sure a lot was shared, taught and learned by all ultimately helping to form a much more efficient and cohesive team Kalene.”

Derek Hoogstra - Boardmember Kalene Education Fund

The situation

  • The Kalene Education Fund (KEF) is a micro finance institution (MFI) and was founded in 2016 in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • KEF is engaged in providing and mediating student loans to students who have largely completed their education but are unable to continue their educational journey due to of a lack of funding. Currently they support over 200 students.
  • The demand for their services far exceeds their ability to provide it, even without advertising. KEF has a growth ambition to accompany to the demand.
  • KEF lacks the skills and knowledge to translate this ambition into a concrete plan and calls the support of Been Management Consulting.

The approach​

  • To support Kalene, Been Management Consulting facilitates a three-day workshop in Zambia.
  • In the workshop the participants analyse the current process and identify bottlenecks. Based on the bottlenecks, we formulate improvement initiatives.
  • The team translates the initiatives into concrete actionable steps and displays them on a kanban board. Per task we assign an action owner. This visual representation makes it easy for the team to start working on the tasks and it helps to track progress.
  • Another part of the workshop is to strengthen the interpersonal skills and team spirit. Therefore we use so called ‘learning nuggets’. These are short bit-sized learning chunks to digest the theory in an easy manner.
  • Serious Gaming exercises help to bring the theory into practice and to kickstart behavior change

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