International Airport

Translating and elaborating four strategic themes

Making the vision tangible by defining objectives, performance indicators and initiatives for each of the four strategic themes.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Provide meaning and content to the ‘high-level’ strategic themes.
  • Increase acceptance and understanding of the environment and the strategic positioning of the company.
  • Deliverfour complete, consistent and powerful strategy maps,one for each of the strategic themes.
  • Provide increased insight into how departments and teams contribute their part to the strategic direction.
  • Define a compelling strategic story that helps to mobilise and motivate management and employees throughout the organisation.
  • Increase understanding of dependencies between departments.

The situation

  • The international airport has defined a strong and appealing mission and vision and has defined four strategic themes.
  • The strategic themes are perceived as relatively theoretical as translation and application are lacking.
  • Senior and middle management perceive a gap (a disconnect) between the high-level strategic direction on the one hand and operational objectives and performance measures on the other hand.
  • The number of operational objectives and performance is very high, and the perception is that focus is missing.
  • Individual departments and teams find it difficult to understand their role and contribution in achieving the goals of the entire organisation.

Our approach

In close cooperation with Corporate Control and Business Development, Been Management Consulting facilitates multidisciplinary groups in discussing each of the strategic themes. A phased approach ensures sufficient time for learning and for sharing (multidisciplinary) insights and experiences.

  • In Phase 1 the themes are defined and scoped
  • In Phase 2 – using the concept of strategy mapping – every strategic theme is broken down into business objectives and key performance indicators on the perspectives of finance, customer (commercial view), internal processes and capabilities
  • In the third and final phase the required initiatives (or projects) are identified which are needed to achieve the objectives and indicators.

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