Huhtamaki's transformation journey

Huhtamaki wants to be a fully sustainable food packaging company. Its Fiber Technology Center in Leeuwarden plays an important part in the company's journey towards 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable products. The Leeuwarden team is responsible for designing state-of-the-art machines to produce sustainable packaging products. But it’s also a big transformation for the team. They need to design and manufacture completely new machines. The team needs to deliver and grow quickly and faces some key challenges: hiring new talent, onboarding all new colleagues, and finding new ways of working. The people from Been Management Consulting helped Huhtamaki with this transformation.


Key results

  • Developing plastic-free food packaging quicker
  • Shorter time-to-market for sustainable innovations
  • Keeping up with market's demand for alternative food packaging
  • Delivering on Huhtamaki's plastic substitution strategy
  • Successful transformation of Huhtamaki's Fiber Technology Centre

“This transformation helped us become best-in-class when it comes to time-to-market.”

Francisco Galindo, Head of Technology


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