Global technology company

Leadership program to accelerate integration after merger​

Implementation of the operating model by creating clarity about roles and responsibilities, plus accelerating strategy execution through behavioral change.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Provide thirteen role descriptions for the most important customer facing roles, including responsibilities, interlocks with other roles, KPIs, skills & desired behaviour.
  • Describe ten RACIs (Responsible, Account-able, Consulted, Informed): clarifying the biggest issues within the operating model.
  • Create a behavioural framework for the desired way of working to speed up the realisation of the strategy.
  • Kick-start behaviour change per country:
  • Improve integration with more than 500 leaders and employees within the new company (instead of pre-merger subgroups).
  • Measure on average over 35% positive behavioural change in the first months.
  • Embed change by making the new way of work part of the country strategy: behaviour is on the agenda of the management team and agile work groups.

"The Been Management Consulting team brings ‘the best of both worlds’; being small and agile with a lot of insight and sensitivity in the corporate environment. The learning ability of the Been team stands out. They use the time of senior management efficiently and make great impact in a short time.”

NL Operations manager & North Central Europe​ Management of Change Lead

The situation

  • The company originated in 2017 from a merger between two global technology players and is active in more than seventy countries on the B2B market. The company has 130,000 employees and $ 25 billion in revenue.
  • The company is also undergoing an internal transformation to change its business model from outsourcing and infrastructure to value added services and to be a partner in digital transformations.
  • During the integration, the high-level operating model was designed, but not yet fully deployed. As a result, the company faces the following challenges:
  • Responsibilities within the stated operating model are not always clear.
  • Roles are often unclear to employees and do not contain any behavioral component.
  • There is a need for inspiring top-down communication by leaders.
  • Management teams struggle to get their teams being involved in the country’s strategy and to take ownership.

The approach

With a balance between a structured and agile approach, Been Management Consulting facilitates leaders and employees to promote post-merger integration throughout the region and to accelerate strategy per country.

Activities for the Northern Europe region:

  • Establish success profiles and RACI’s: comprehensible outline for roles & responsibilities within the operating model.
  • Establish a behaviour framework: five focus areas that are necessary to remain relevant in the market.
  • Formal communication: inspire employees by linking essential working methods to results.

Activities in five countries (The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland): ‘One approach, not one size fits all.’

  • Work sessions: activating leaders and employees by clarifying the country's strategy, further shaping associated behaviour and developing improvement initiatives to contribute.
  • Micro actions: to stimulate desired culture and behaviour in the workplace and to form new habits based on it.
  • Ambassadors network: representatives per role provide feedback and carry out the change to the teams.
  • Communication: bringing the changes to life through newsflashes, staff meetings, and blogs.

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