Global health-tech organisation

Informed decisions about investments in reports

The Insights & Analytics team of this global health-tech organisation transforms into a proactive advisor for the business by providing insight into the added value of reports.

Key results

The team of Been Management Consulting and the client:

  • Design and install a customized business case method - Value Tracking - for twenty CoE leads (international scope).
  • Enable higher output per FTE because the CoE leads can prioritize value-adding projects in the project portfolio together with their clients.
  • Enable the CoE leads to proactively advise the business on their investment in reporting and transforming it from a supporting to a value-adding entity.
  • Identify various projects with negative and positive business cases in the pilot phase of the implementation of the Value Tracking method.
  • As a result a few CoE portfolios are immediately improved.

“After a year we still use the Value Tracking method and tools introduced by Been Management Consulting. Value Tracking helps to proactively advise the business by predicting the (financial) results of requested analyses in advance, instead of reactive analysing requests when they come in. In addition, Value Tracking helps us to better deploy our (limited) capacity – we focus on projects that make a real impact.”

Global head of Insights & Analytics

The situation

  • The department Insights & Analytics provides its internal customers (the 'business') with data-driven insights that are needed for strategic, tactical and operational business operations.
  • It is essential that the department, which is divided into several global Centres of Expertise (CoEs), delivers optimum added value to the business with its insights. It is not yet possible to determine which customer questions they should process and which not. The question is whether the work that is carried out by the department is adding value to the organisation. As a result, the department is under pressure.
  • The director wants to facilitate to make substantiated choices for those projects that make a significant contribution to the organisational results and for his employees to provide maximum added value.

The approach

  • The Been Management Consulting team first gains knowledge of the work of the I&A team and the twenty global Centers of Expertise (CoEs). The team studies account plans and forms a picture of what it means for the CoEs to deliver added value to the various business stakeholders and how they express their added value in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • The team provides a tailor-made Value Tracking methodology. The methodology consists of a standard way of working and a tool by which you can determine step by step both the financial as well as the qualitative added value for the various project requests from customers.
  • We extensively test and optimize the methodology with the CoEs. After a second test round, we transfer the methodology to the I&A team. They are responsible for prioritizing projects and proactively advising their business stakeholders on investments in data analysis.

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