We're a B Corp

Part of a community of leaders using business as a force for good.

Been Management Consulting is a Certified B Corporation. We the power of business to  build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As a B Corp we're part of a global movement of leaders who use business as a force for good.


What makes this global movement so powerful?


What B Corp stands for

A worldwide movement

There are over 4,000 B Corps in 153 industries in 77 countries across the globe. Together, we are a worldwide movement of companies that use business as a force for good. 

Meeting the highest standards

As a B Corp, we meet the highest standards in inclusive and sustainable performance, transparency, and accountabilty.

Business a force for good

B Corps accelerate a worldwide culture shift, redefining success in business. Building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

A worldwide community

There are more than 4,000 B Corps in 153 industries in 77 countries. And counting. Together, we form a global community of leaders using business as a force for good. We're proud to be part of this community and to work on a more inclusive and sustainable economy together.
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Helping others in their journey

We're part of a group of experienced B Corps that help other companies in their change. As an official B Corp Way partner we guide companies in their systemic change. We are qualified partner in the following areas: B In The Boardroom, Radical Transformation, and the SDGs and B.

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The ups-and-downs of the sustainability movement

Last week, an article in renowned newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad caused a stir in the B Corp movement, a community of 5.000+ companies that use business as a force for good. It discussed the increased popularity of the B Corp certification and the danger of ‘greenwashing’. Should multinational companies such as Evian and Nespresso be granted the B Corp status if they are compliant with all the requirements? Or is this diluting the B Corp movement? Our partner Leen…

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Our own B Corp journey

Becoming a B Corp was a major milestone in our company’s sustainable mission. In order to reach this milestone, we’ve made fundamental changes. What steps did we take? How did we start? Let’s tell you about our own B Corp journey.  Here we go .. It took us a while before realizing we’ve embarked on an inspiring and new mission. Many of our people were already interested in sustainable development. And ‘looking further’ is in our company’s DNA. A lot of the…

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B Corp Summit 2021, our takeaways

As newbies, we were invited to the B Corp Summit 2021,  November 24th and 25th. It’s an annual meeting the community of Certified B Corporations, sharing their experiences and ideas for creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy. This year’s theme: The Power of Collective Action. Consultant Malou Bok and our HR Manager Tosca Spee were there (digitally) and acted as our reporters. How did they experience the summit What did you think of the summit? Malou: “The past year I’ve been involved in…

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"Ready to start your journey towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy?"

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