About Been Management Consulting

From Strategy to Execution, Sustainably

Been Management Consulting helps accelerate strategy execution and transformations. Not remotely with no strings attached, but committed and right at the heart of the organisation, with ownership and entrepreneurship.

Today’s society and the times in which we live are subject to so many disruptive developments – only think of all the technological, ecological and economic developments – that every organisation and individual is regularly forced to redefine its position.

At Been Management Consulting, we want to make an impact for our clients in a way that does justice to the huge disruptions of our time. That’s why our ambition is to make a substantial contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (in short: the SDGs). In other words: From Strategy to Execution, Sustainably.

Our ambition is for our projects to contribute to a more sustainable world, with special focus on the following sectors: Energy, Pharma & Healthcare, Industry and Transport & Mobility. Read on to find out what this means, how we can help you and, of course, who we are.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Been Management Consulting is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We do this by helping clients determine how they can contribute to these goals and how they can embed sustainability in their organisation and business practices.

The aim of the SDGs is to make the world a better and more sustainable place for everyone by 2030. Almost all countries in the world, including the Netherlands, have signed up to the SDGs. We are ready to set to work with your organisation.


What are SDGs

Seventeen SDGs have been formulated, encompassing 169 more specific targets. The SDGs were agreed in 2015 and run until 2030. They are a global compass for people and organisations on how to tackle challenges such as poverty, education and the climate crisis.

Sustainable mission

Our mission is to help clients achieve their strategic goals in a way that meets today’s challenges and so contributes to the SDGs. We take a very specific view. Our aim in all our assignments is to make a clear, positive contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals by 2024.

We do this through our tailor-made approach, shoulder to shoulder with our clients. Always with our heads and hearts, because we believe that a business (= head) approach must always go hand in hand with a human (= heart) approach.

Been Management Consulting is active mainly in four sectors, each with its own SDGs. The sectors are Energy, Pharma & Healthcare, Industry and Transport & Mobility. We are committed to the following goals:


Get to know our long-termists

In making an impact, we look further than just the numbers. Further than WHY, HOW and WHAT. We start with WE.

WE stands for our working methods, based around cooperation. Working side by side, and at your side in your particular field of activity. Working with you, we aim to make a long-lasting impact. We have only succeeded once your organisation can go it alone. To achieve that, we look further than simply the numbers in Excel.

Fewer number-crunchers, more long-termists.

Here are three from our team. The rest can be found in this overview.

Patrick Filius - Been Management Consulting

Patrick Filius

"Don’t judge your day by the harvest you reap but the seeds you plant." - Robert Louis Stevenson

Mariska Schooneveld - Been Management Consulting

Mariska Schooneveld

"Follow your heart to never skip a beat! Your head will help you achieve your heart's wishes."

Iris Bruinink- Been Management Consulting

Iris Bruinink

"Knowledge is power, but enthusiasm gets the ball rolling."

Our clients

We work with ambitious organisations that want to grow and improve, that want to translate a sustainable strategy into sustainable execution.

Our clients are active in the following sectors: Energy, Pharma & Healthcare, Industry and Transport & Mobility and Production.

Below are some examples of our cases. Filter them by sector and proposition.

Develop the future of the Finance function.

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Biotechnology company ​(affiliate)

Unleash untapped potential for undertreatment​.

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Global health-tech organisation

Informed decisions about investments in reports.

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Improving ownership for operational performance.

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International Airport

Translating and elaborating four strategic themes.

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International pharmaceutical company​

Transform into a global organisation.

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International pharmaceutical company​

Support Change Impact Assessment and Business Readiness​.

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Global producer of medicines

Analysis of improvement potential of a production facility​.

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Accelerating the growth strategy.

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Global technology company

Leadership program to accelerate integration after merger​.

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Improving collaboration in cross-functional teams.

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Digital transformation with change management.

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International pharmaceutical company

Define serialisation strategy and establish the program.

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Biotechnology company

Transforming into a customer centric organisation.

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Biotechnology company

Top line growth through account-based marketing.

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A national Lean performance improvement program.

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